Why Should I Apply?

With the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), Malaysia recognizes the need for top foreign talents and experts to work more than the usual two or three-year stint in the country. If you're an expatriate working in Malaysia and looking for a flexible long-term option to work and live in the country, then the Residence Pass-Talent is the solution for you.

Before You Apply

Confirm your eligibility to apply for the RP-T and gather all the information you'll need to complete your application.
Eligibility Criteria

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Fee Structure

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When You Apply

You may start your application online by creating a RP-T account. Alternatively, you may also apply for the RP-T by using a manual submission. The application form can be downloaded here.

Please note that the application is complete upon completion of form, submission of required documents and initial fee payment performed.
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Manual Submission

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After You Apply

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, a notification email will be sent out detailing what to do next in the endorsement process.
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