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The MSC Malaysia-status company is to submit the application form and relevant documents to MDeC. A decision will be made within three(3) working days from the date of completed application. Online applications by expatriates and MSC Malaysia-status companies can also be made via the �e-Xpats� system. e-Xpats allows for a more efficient and friendlier process and is linked to systems in the Immigration Department of Malaysia (IDM) and Malaysian missions abroad.

As a one-stop-centre, MSC Malaysia e-Xpats Centre further provides end-to-end, value-added services where there are provisions of door-to-door logistical arrangements in collection/delivery of passports/relevant document, provides review/consultancy and performs submissions on behalf of MSC Malaysia-Status companies to the Immigration Department of Malaysia for issuance and endorsement of passes.

This delivery of service is in direct relation to MSC Malaysia�s Bill of Guarantee No. 2: To allow unrestricted employment of local and foreign knowledge workers.


To realise the vision for Malaysia to be a major global ICT hub, the Government recognises the importance of human capital to meet the demands of the industry.

MSC Malaysia Status entities are expected to maintain a work force utilising a substantial percentage of knowledge workers, in view of the nature and demands of the ICT industry, and also because the presence of knowledge workers is consistent with Malaysia�s long-term goal of enabling and sustaining productivity-driven growth of a knowledge-based economy.

An entity applying for MSC Malaysia Status is required to specify the number of knowledge workers (local and foreign) that it requires for the conduct of its MSC Malaysia qualifying activities. Such requirements are to be set out in the entity�s business plan, which forms part of its application for MSC Malaysia Status.

MSC Malaysia Status entities may employ such number of knowledge workers as indicated upon the grant of MSC Malaysia Status, subject to such amendments as may be subsequently approved, based on requests by the MSC Malaysia Status entity.

The process for employment of foreign knowledge workers is subject to requirements under the Immigration Act 1959/63 and the Immigration Regulations 1963. MSC Malaysia Status entities can make applications directly with the Immigration Department, subject to issuance of No Objection Letter (NOL) by MDeC or appoint MDeC to provide the relevant services.

A �knowledge worker� is an individual who holds one of the following:

  • Tertiary qualification from an institution of higher learning (in any field); or
  • Diploma in multimedia / ICT or specialised ICT certification plus at least 2 years� relevant experience in multimedia / ICT or in a field that is a heavy user of ICT; or
  • Professional, executive, management and technical, work categories in information technology (�IT�) enabled services eg. IT / IS Professionals, Finance / Accounting, Business Administration,

Special exemptions are given to foreign knowledge worker who does not meet the above but to be employed in the following clusters:

  • Shared Services and Outsourcing cluster - foreign workers with knowledge-based skills that are not prevalent in Malaysia, required by MSC Malaysia Status companies.
  • Creative Multimedia Content cluster - workers who are utilised for their creative talent to produce value-added creative work for MSC Malaysia Status companies.

MSC Malaysia Status entities are expected to employ these knowledge workers for roles that commensurate their expertise and experience.