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1. How do I check if you have received my Approval (Stage 1) application?
Please check e-Xpats system or call our Helpdesk at +603 8315 3106. We will update you.
2. Can a dependant enter Malaysia later and not together with the husband/father?
Yes. Please login to e-Xpats to apply. If you have not registered to e-Xpats, kindly contact Helpdesk at +603 8315 3106.
3. Can I just go to Singapore to collect Reference Visa instead of going back to country of origin?
You can only do this if you are holding a valid work permit in Singapore, or if you are a Permanent Resident of Singapore. In either case, please attach supporting documents with your Approval (Stage 1) application. Other than the two (2) conditions above, you must collect your Reference Visa from country of origin.
4. How long does it take to get the Reference Visa from the Malaysian High Commission / Embassy?
Normally it takes 3 to 5 days. The turnaround time for processing depends greatly on individual High Commissions. Perhaps you can call them directly to find out. Please click here http://www.kln.gov.my/?page=mission
5. What is the status of my Stage 1 / Stage 2 application?
Please check status in the e-Xpats system or call Helpdesk at +603 8315 3106.
6. Can I just pay for a Journey Performed Visa without having to go back to the country of origin?
As a matter of rule, those who need to collect a Reference Visa, they MUST go back to the country of origin. Please click here Reference Visa. However the Director of Immigration, Malaysia has the discretion to waive this. Please click here Reference Visa.
7. How much is the visa?
Please click here Reference Visa
8. Whom is the bankdraft payable to?
Ketua Pengarah Imigresen Malaysia
9. How do I get a Multiple Entry Visa (MEV)?
When you apply for EP, DP or PVP, you will automatically be expected to apply for MEV.
10. My FKW (Expatriate) is going back? What do I do now? Is it Ok if I do not cancel the EP?
No. You must cancel the work permit of your FKW (Expatriate) before he/she leaves your company.
11. My FKW (Expatriate)’s visa is expiring tomorrow. What do I do?
Please contact Helpdesk at +603 8315 3106.
12. How to apply for I-Kad ?
Please contact Helpdesk at +603 8315 3106.